The Kings are Gonna Kings

First, the Kings get out to one of their best starts in their existence, have young players make leaps forward, start to change the stigma behind King’s basketball, and THEN, they start to do King’s stuff again. Not to be misinterpreted as good, “King's Stuff”, in terms of the NBA, is dysfunction, it’s confusing, and... Continue Reading →

I Have Luka Fever

After a dominant 128-108 pummeling of the struggling Rockets on the road, the Mavericks are rolling. They are 8-2 in their last 10 games and have been playing some truly inspired basketball. Look at the competition they’ve been facing as well; these teams are no joke. 7 games against playoff teams from last season and... Continue Reading →

Could Perk Work With This Celtic Team?

News came out yesterday night, from the 17th Annual Tradition gala in Boston, that Kendrick Perkins had discussed a possible return to the Celtics with Danny Ainge. Perk had added that this would be his final year and that he’d want nothing more than to finish it out in Boston. Even adding he'd ride a... Continue Reading →

Jalen Rose is Stupid

Lord is he stupid. Very good at college basketball, pretty good at professional hoops. He seems like a nice guy as well, in all my years of internet I've never heard a bad thing about him but, my god, is he dumb. On his own show, Jalen and Jacoby, he said that Boston should consider... Continue Reading →

Super Teams Aren’t Killing Basketball

If you think super teams are actually damaging to the National Basketball Association, you my friend, are stupid. A little over a quarter of the way through the season and top contenders are floundering, while teams who were pegged for the lottery are floating near the middle of the playoff seeding, some closer to the... Continue Reading →

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