Ky-Watch: Kyrie 5 Preview

So a thing happened this weekend. “Oladipo put you into cardiac arrest and almost killed you?” No, not that, okay, yes that, but that’s not the thing I’m referring to. What I’m referring to is Kyrie debuting the Kyrie 5 “Celtics” PE Saturday night. Needless to say, they are mesmerizing and I need to have a pair of them on my feet sooner rather than later.

Kyrie teased the shoe earlier in the year around training camp but this is the first we’ve seen of him really debuting the shoe in-game. With this, two colorways are set for release “Taco” (11/16) and “Black Magic” (11/22) (see the 2 below). From what I’ve seen of it so far the shoe looks awesome. Kyrie has always been a showman on the court and his creativity and cerebral nature are on display with these. I’ve been a noted Kyrie-wearer as I’ve played in both his 2s and 4s (catch a pair of 5s under my Christmas tree this holiday season). The design of these is very similar to his 4th iteration and he looks to have improved upon the prior technology, mainly in terms of the outsole. Rather than having it strictly on the bottom of the shoe these have part of it wrap up and around the foot giving wearers more fluidity and a better sense of traction. On top of this, it’s rounded off in order to give him more quickness (like a motorcycle tire) and supports his sharp cuts. In translation, when you see Kyrie pirouette through defenders the outsole gives him balance not only on the very bottom but on the sides of his feet as well to prevent ankle stress and promote fluid movement. The shoe also includes new technology pertaining to the turbo bag, flywire, and flyknit. Lastly, in true Kyrie fashion, the all-seeing eye returns on the very back of the shoe.

In the coming weeks we should see more colorways and different versions of the shoe sported by Irving on the court and I for one am here for it. I need it. Nobody flexes on the shoe industry better than Kyrie and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with (DID YOU SEE THE KYRIE 4 CEREAL PACK THAT RELEASED IN THE SUMMER???… I rest my case).

Kyrie 5 Taco.jpg
“Taco”: Releases 11/16
Kyrie 5 BM.jpg
“Black Magic”: Releases 11/22


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  1. Hi, long time fan first time commenter. I personally enjoy Dwayne Wade’s shoe “Bibby” released in the spring of 2012. Great blog keep up the good work!


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