Melo Has Already Reached Peak Melo In Houston

Melo is already firmly in his bag in H-Town, and by in his bag I mean he’s shooting from everywhere. In Mike D’Antoni’s “shoot a three or dunk the ball that is it” offense Melo has decided his light is easily the greenest. He’s currently averaging 6.4 shots from the arc off the bench, which he has never done in his entire career. Let that sink in for a second. Carmelo Anthony, noted launcher of shots, is currently shooting threes at a rate he NEVER has in his seventeen year career. The Rockets currently sit at 4-5, which is good enough for ninth in the West. Their record and place in the standings aren’t really on Melo as reigning  MVP James Harden missed a couple games early on. Since Harden’s return the ship has been righted and they have won three straight. In the meantime Melo keeps on launching and I hope he never stops.

The best part of this Melo season is his contribution to winning from behind the arc, or better said, his lack of contribution to winning from behind the arc. In Houston’s wins this year Melo is shooting 30% from deep on 7.5 attempts per game. Not too great for a supposed sharp shooting sixth man. However, in Houston’s five losses hes shooting 39.2% from the outside on 5.6 tries per night. Somehow, some way, when Carmelo Anthony shoots a lot more and hits a lot less Houston gets a win That is why this season is Melo’s peak Melo season, because it doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

melo but funny this time

Throughout his career Anthony has been labeled a volume scorer, a guy who needs to get shots in bulk to contribute. While those claims really aren’t wrong, he only averages 3.7 shots from deep a game over his career. However, Melo has loved to shoot, averaging 19.1 shots from the floor in general. Historically speaking his teams go as far as he can shoot them. His most successful season came in 07-08 when his Nuggets were bounced in the Western Conference by the Lakers. That season he shot a career high near 50% from the field. When Melo is bad his teams are terrible. Outside of his awful season with the Thunder and his rookie season, his worst shooting year was with the Knicks for 55 games in 2012. The team finished second in the Atlantic and were eliminated in round one by Boston. That’s why this season is so baffling. For the first time in his career his team is somehow benefiting on him being the most extreme version of himself. I personally haven’t been a massive fan of Melo throughout his career. However, this season will easily be his most entertaining if the Rockets keep winning the more he stinks. If this trend continues I’m sure everyone in Houston will want him to #StayMe7o, and when he goes full Melo he’s one of the most hilariously exciting players to watch. He’s going to miss a million threes this year, but if Houston can keep winning in spite of that then who really cares?


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