No, The Celtics Aren’t Trading Terry Rozier

Today news came out stating that Terry Rozier has been frustrated with his minutes and at least 7 NBA teams have inquired about the availability of the 4th year guard. Also of note is Terry being set to hit restricted free agency this summer. This news isn’t that surprising given the circumstances. He played the best basketball of his life last year (16.5 ppg 5.3 rebounds 5.7 assists in the playoffs) on the biggest stage and was a game away from the finals as the starting point guard. Now enter Kyrie Irving and things get a little murky for Terry. He has a shorter leash and if he’s struggling Brad Stevens has options he can work with. He can go with Smart, he can bring Kyrie back in, or he could just say screw it and roll with 4 wings and a center. The point is, Brad doesn’t care about positions and he’ll always play the 5 guys he most trusts to produce.

With that being said, Scary Terry hasn’t done much to help his case for more minutes. He hasn’t been great to start the year offensively as he is averaging 7.5 ppg 4.4 rebounds 2.1 assists on 35% from the floor. It’s apparent when you watch him that he’s pressing a little bit. He also, quite frankly, has been throwing some hot garbage up at the rim in this stretch. It’s as if he feels that he needs to be the hero to show everyone he belongs. It isn’t easy and kudos to him for dealing with the ebbs and flows of being a backup point guard with starter talent. Obviously he wants to help this team win and all of these factors are tough to deal with.

My opinion on the matter is this. ~danny ainge is not trading terry rozier~ . Think about it, what would be the point. How many times have you seen Danny overreact to a short stretch of games? Never. He knows Rozier’s value and he knows he’d rather have him with this team rather than somewhere else. They need Terry if they’re going to get out of the East. I get that Terry isn’t happy right now. Sure, he might be frustrated, but that also comes from playing poorly and underperforming thus far as a team. I think this is more about him being upset about his play than him being truly angry about his minutes. He understands how good this team is and he understands that for them to be the best they can be they have to sacrifice. He’s just such a competitive guy with such a chip on his shoulder that this is kind of natural because he wants to be out there battling with his teammates.

This isn’t a new thing for Terry as this streaky play might just be him at this point in his career. He is hot and cold and goes through very pronounced stretches of each. Last season his stats looked like this for different stretches:

Games 1-14: 10.3 ppg 5.4 rpg 2.4 apg 36% fg 33% 3fg

Games 15-36: 7.4 ppg  3.6 rpg  1.7 apg 37% fg 36% 3fg

Games 37-42: 15.3 ppg 6 rpg 2.3 apg 59% fg 50% 3fg

 Games 43-51: 7.1 ppg 3.7 rpg 2.3 apg 31.9% fg 24% 3fg

Games 52-82: *Starting* 15.1 ppg  5.3 rpg 4.3 apg 40% fg 41% 3fg

 In bold are his hot streaks and there is a clear pattern. He has stretches where he can torch a defense for games at a time while at other points he can’t buy a bucket and forces a lot of shots. He’s just currently in a funk and he’s shown he has the ability to get out of it in the past and I trust him to get out of it. So the key here is to be patient with it. Once he starts playing better then the minutes will come. If he forces himself to be on the court Brad will put him there and trust him in big positions. This team might even be winning a whole lot of games by that time as well. It’s a long season and things change day to day, week to week, month to month. What’s happening now might not even matter come the New Year and we could have forgotten about this whole discussion by then. Until then, give Terry a chance and let’s see how he looks on the court and how he feels about his minutes in a few weeks before we start firing off the “who should we trade Terry for” hypotheticals.


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  1. Terry should go. He spends way too much time in NYC with no name bums, eating cream cheese instead of hitting cardio, and bashing the troops. Boston is an upstanding and progressive city who doesn’t have time for players that conduct themselves like that.


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