It’s Over For The Wizards

I bring to you the “The Wizards Need to Blow It Up” blog (Someone had to do it). They’re 3-9 and things couldn’t be going worse for a group that’s preached that they’re the best team in the East for the past like 3 years. Long story short, they aren’t the best team in the East, and they might not even be a playoff team if things keep going on how they’ve been. The Dwight Howard experiment is failing thus far and they’re tied for last in the league with the Hawks in opponent points per game (119.3) and are 28th in defensive rating (114.1). They don’t stop anybody and it doesn’t seem like they really care to. John Wall has always been the leader of the “I don’t care enough to play defense” club and he’s been too busy going at Wizards fans to cover anybody. Wizard’s fans just want the team to not stink. It does stink and there also really isn’t anywhere else they can look for star talent on the free agent market due to the large contracts given out to the core of the team. We’re still not even sure if Brad Beal and Wall like each other or not (John Wall might just not like anybody to be honest) and they’ve never really lived up to their potential. Look below at their contracts and tell me how disgusted you feel when you see how much money John Wall starts to make next season.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 2.59.53 PM.png

Then there’s Otto Porter. 26-28 million for someone playing some of the worst basketball of his career thus far isn’t the best look either. They expected him to develop into an elite three-point shooter and swingman and thus far it hasn’t panned out as he’s posting his worst numbers (10.1 pts 4.7 rebs 1.5 ast on 44.7/36.4/81.8 shooting) since beginning to start full-time in the 2015-16 season. Underperformance has been a theme with this team over the years and this year it’s been to an extreme. They’ve never made it further than the second round and with the star power at the top of the conference it isn’t feasible to believe that they will anytime soon. In my opinion I think its time for them to blow it up. Specifically, to get that John Wall contract (and maybe Porter’s) off of their books and get out of the realm of mediocrity.

Mediocrity does nothing for a franchise in the NBA. Yes, they’ll still make money off of ticket sales and all but in terms of winning it’s one of the worst spots to be. This is where the Wizards will be for the next few years if they stick with this core. They won’t be good enough to compete with the best teams but won’t be bad enough to get a top pick. It would make sense to move on from Wall and maybe even Brad Beal and start from scratch. Get bad, get some draft picks, and develop some of your young pieces like Kelly Oubre (honestly, he’s the only real promising young piece on the roster so just keep him and develop him) and start over. Maybe someone will even overpay for Wall and you can get some other pieces to spearhead the rebuild. Draft picks are gold (especially high ones) and the more of those they can get, the better off they will be in the long run. If the Wizards are smart they’ll nip their contract mistakes in the butt now before they’re over the luxury tax for years and getting bounced in the first round. It’s never going to work with this group and it’s time to start over sooner rather than later.


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