Thibs Is A Dummy Part Deux

Very very rarely do sports takes see immediate return. Usually they have to grow and develop before you can have your “I hate to say I told you so moment” but today I got mine. Noted dummy, who also coaches, Tom Thibodeau traded Jimmy Butler for Robert Convington, Dario Saric and a 2022 second round pick. P-U. Lets pretend here that the entire Minnesota locker room already isn’t compromised from keeping Butler Towns and Wiggins together for far too long. If you somehow can, forget Butler potentially stealing Towns girlfriend while Minnesota was on a road trip. Forget Butler coming into practice and stripping Towns and Wiggins of all leadership within the confines of the locker room. Lets just look at the return.

the sar man

Dario Saric has third option scoring potential and can create for others, something Minnesota desperately needs, but outside of that, they didn’t get a whole lot. Robert Covington is really a three and D guy who got exposed defensively in the second round by the Celtics. So he’s at this point a three guy, which is fine if you want to surround Towns with outside the arc talent, but you don’t have to use Butler to do it. Even if this was strictly to get Butler out of town, they went about it completely wrong. The rebuild should’ve started right back up where it was before Butler. Assets in the form of large contracts to move later on and future picks should’ve been the goal. Getting anything that didn’t include first round picks down the line should be off the table. Speaking of future firsts……Thibs turned down FOUR FUTURE FIRSTS less than a month ago from Houston.

confused dummy.gif

Imagine thinking “this guy who’s a huge problem with the young core I have is worth way more than four future firsts!” Then settling for what he got. He called Philadelphia and asked for BENJAMIN SIMMONS but a month later somehow he’s worth a mid level prospect, a perimeter defender who can’t defend, and the chance of drafting some second year senior out of North Carolina in 2022. It has become abundantly clear that not only is Thibs’ horrid at player management (see Derrick Rose’s knee) but he cant evaluate talent either. If I’m a GM I call Minnesota right now and see how I can swindle this dunce for Towns. Any former Chicago Bull would be enough, and I assume Ben Gordon isn’t too busy. (Side note: For like a year and a half Ben Gordon was the best shooter ever. I have no facts to back this up but take my word on it)

For a guy who was once regarded as a potential hall of fame caliber coach while working the bench in Boston, Thibs has fallen short of the billing every step of the way in hilarious fashion. This is like when the Canadians went on strike for more money in South Park and got Bennigan’s gift cards, and Thibs should be castaway into the frigid Atlantic accordingly.


Only way this deal can be considered even remotely successful is if Towns takes a massive leap, which he is very capable of doing. If not, Thibs risked his teams future for a guy who literally murdered his teams future. However, the good news for Minnesota fans is you are one more Thibs dummy move closer to Kevin Garnett coming in and fixing the organization. Anything is possible as KG once said, except Thibs not being a dummy. That’s a guarantee.

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