Player of the Week Highlights: Kyrie Irving

It’s safe to say that this road trip for the Celtics has been disappointing at best. Oladipo shattered all of my dreams, Jamal Murray refused to stop scoring, and Joe Ingles might be the MVP this year. The one win we had was against the (2-9) Suns where we came back from a 22 point lead and Kyrie needed to drop 39 points for us to scrape by. This leads me into the player of the week which was clearly Kyrie. Even though he missed the game in Utah, he has made more of an impact over the past week than anyone else. He scored 88 points, 14 assists, and 18 rebounds over 3 games in the week from Saturday 11/3 to 11/10.

Game Breakdown: Kyrie Irving

Celtics @ Pacers L 101-102

18 Points 3 Assists 6 Rebounds


Celtics @ Nuggets L 107-115

31 Points 5 Assists 5 Rebounds


Celtics @ Suns W 116-109 OT

39 Points 6 Assists 7 Rebounds

Hopefully the Celtics can turn it around when they come back home from the last game on the road trip in Portland tonight. In the meantime here’s some highlights of the best player on the team.


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