The Next Two Games Are Massive For The Green

Look, The Green stink right now, they wont for long, but as of this writing they refuse to stop stinking up NBA arenas. I’ve wrote about it, Chuck writes about it daily, they cant seem to get things going early on. Starting 7-6 never seemed possible but we have so lets move on. The next two games on the docket are the Bulls and Raptors at home. If the Celtics could act like the season has officially started and win these two that would be great.

Chicago is as close to a tune up game as possible in today’s competitive NBA. Entering tomorrow at 4-10 on the year, and 3-7 in their last 10, this team is already looking toward the future before Thanksgiving. With Markkanen still on the mend, and LaVine currently balling out, this team isn’t looking to win games, but to improve their young talent night in and night out. While yes, Chicago has talent, they could not care less about this game nor any individual game this season for that matter. Given Chicago’s current mindset, there is no reason they don’t walk into TD Garden and receive a thorough trouncing. Tomorrow night should be a reset for Boston, everyone should be looking to get it together on the floor against a far inferior opponent.

our pal jayson

The offense needs an easy night out to get it jump started and Chicago is currently 25th in defensive rating. Am I saying the offense needs tomorrow night, despite it being only November? Yes, yes I am, because if you don’t get it together tomorrow night you certainly aren’t getting it together on Friday.

Kawhi Leonard is coming to TD Garden and he’s bringing the best team on basketball with him. Toronto has been a wagon early on, blowing through everyone put in front of them, and the Celtics will be no different if they cannot score.

These two teams met in the second game of the year which resulted in an eleven point win for Toronto. The narrative was Boston needed to figure things out early on and while it’s still early on, the Celtics haven’t figured out anything on the scoring end.  Meanwhile, the Raptors have figured out the ins and outs of basketball despite having a new coach, losing their captain, and adding their new go-to scorer. Every reason the Celtics have had to struggle early, Toronto has had in spades. Yet, they (Toronto) continue to improve and the green stay stagnant.

Kawhi Dunk.jpg

The season could start this week for Boston. A perfect punching bag opponent on Wednesday leading into a 10 round bout with the first place Raptors on Friday is like the stars aligning for the Celtics.  They wont get many perfect chances to right the ship, so they really need to make this one count.


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