Someone Needed To Say It

Marcus Smart came into the locker room and put the team on blast after their loss Sunday night in Portland and I am here for that. A player needed to yell at this team and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Marcus Smart to do so. He’s the longest tenured Celtic and nobody knows what Celtic basketball is better than Smart. He gives it his all, always sticks up for his teammates, and his teammates love him.

In an interview after the outburst he said “It’s something that I just felt like, I was tired of it so I know those guys were. So I just said what was on my mind. I’m sure everybody else was thinking it, but I just said it. I hope they didn’t take it the wrong way and I hope it gives us the boost that we need because we have a chance to be really great. But not at the rate we’re going.” He also said: “if they feel like I’m not doing my job, to say something to me as well,” said Smart. I feel like as a team; we weren’t doing our job — as a team. So I felt like we should hear that. I wasn’t going to wait for anybody else to say it. That’s kinda the thing, everybody waits for somebody else to do it, but it could have been done by you. So I just decided to say it.” To this I say thank you to Marcus Smart. The message is there and they know it isn’t backhanded and that it’s genuine. He’d do anything for this team and he expects that accountability out of his teammates.

He is right in his message as well because his teammates definitely were all thinking the same exact thing. They can’t make excuses and everything that has happened thus far is on them. That’s what Marcus preached and I’m happy he did. They’ve talked about being ready to take that next step and to start the season they’ve been relatively underwhelming. They’re all disappointed in their play and I imagine this speech will reinvigorate the locker room. It’s been said that this is one of the closest teams in recent memory so I trust them to work things out. Therefore, I think Marcus laying into them was needed. They’ve underperformed and everybody knows it and now is the time to right the ship.

I expect the Celtics to come to play tomorrow against the lowly Bulls. They need to start playing well and actually look like the team we thought they’d be since being eliminated by the Cavs last year. Playing hard and coming back is what our prior iterations of this team had to do (ie. Isaiah years/last years’ team without Kyrie/Hayward). This team doesn’t have to do that, at least not on a nightly basis. They have first class star talent, top-tier young players, and bench players who probably could be starting elsewhere. They’re stacked front to back and there’s no reason why this team should be hovering around .500. We know they’re better than that and they know they’re better than that. Championship caliber teams don’t play this kind of sloppy basketball so if they want to get to that level they’ll have to improve. In the grand scheme of things, they’ve really won nothing yet. It’s time to come out and play, and it’s time for them to start playing Celtic basketball and more importantly, winning basketball.

For your further enjoyment, here are some defensive playoff Smarf highlights so feel free to knock yourselves out with them.


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