JaVale McGee is Good and I Blame LeBron

Am I suggesting that McGee’s newly found low post skill is because of a teammate and not years and years of hard work and dedication to your craft? Yes, yes I am. There is no possible way that someone can go from being comically bad at sports to being very much passed serviceable at at age 31. Players constantly take massive jumps in talent all the time, but when they’re in their early or mid twenties. No one is figuring out how the game of basketball works at 31. He wasn’t watching tape over the off season and found some hitch in his shot. He’s been scoring with athleticism too, it’s not like he went through some massive technical change. He’s just being a better athlete than the guys covering him, and he’s always been a better athlete. So with no other possible reason to this I’m tossing all the credit to LeBron.

To grasp how good of a season JaVale is having I am going to list the career highs he is having;

Points (13.4)

Blocks (2.6)

Offensive Rebounds (2.8)

2 points field goals per game (5.8)

Field Goals per game (5.9)

In his thirty one years on this Earth he is having career highs in FIVE offensive stats. I don’t have a shred of evidence to point to LeBron being the change in JaVale’s talent, but JaVale has been the constant and LeBron the variable. He’s had a slew of All Star teammates that have never gotten this type of production out of him. John Wall couldn’t do it. Dirk Nowitzki couldn’t do it. Even a combination of Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson. and Kevin Durant couldn’t do it. Yet as soon as he steps into the purple and gold with LeBron James he realizes how simple basketball is.

Maybe this is just a hot start and it will taper off, but I don’t see the “JaVale go and dunk” play slowing down anytime soon. He joins an illustrious list of guys who LeBron has made better. Anderson Varejao, Boobie Gibson, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, James Jones, and Matt Dellavedova are all journeymen who saw number bumps when LeBron strolled into town. I truly expect JaVale’s numbers to either stay level or maybe even go up for the time being. Until of course, LeBron just dismantles this team and sends him out for a superstar come February, but until then he should be grateful that LeBron has taught him how basketball works.


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