Vs Utah 11/17: No Toughness

Looking to piggyback off of a mollywopping of the Bulls and a huge win against Toronto, the green welcomed Utah to The Garden last night. The last time these two met was on the road trip we wont mention on this site ever again, which resulted in a 123-115 Jazz win. However since then the Celtics have found their groove and Utah was coming off a hard fought loss in Philly the night prior fortune seemed to favor the Green going into tip off but boy oh boy did that mean nothing.

The first half went about just as you’d expect, closely contested with neither team really able to pull away. Kyrie caught fire, duh, towards the ends of the half, hitting two threes out of three possessions, and Utah carried a five point lead into the locker room. Then in said locker room I assume the Boston Celtics of the last five days were brutally murdered and replaced by synths who had never put a ball into a hoop before. Completely abandoning the rim attacking offense that had proven successful the previous two games, the Celtics came out of the locker room and went 1-9 from deep, totaling 17 points in the third frame. The second half got so bad, Stevens trotted out a Kyrie, Semi, Wanamaker, Theis, and Yabu lineup because they seemed to be the only guys on the team who wanted to be there. Yes, things got that bad.

Like most of the season so far Kyrie was the only one to show up on offense. Aside from his 20 points, the only other Celtic in double digits was Jayson Tatum with 10. Jaylen Brown continued to stink shooting 1-9 from the field with 3 points. Of his 9 shots, 6 of then were from beyond the arc, of which he only hit one. Gordon Hayward followed his best game this season with one of his worst with 7 points, 4 board, and 3 assists on 3-7 shooting. No one else did anything of note but what was note worthy came from Stevens after the game. Stevens said after the game that “this game honors toughness.” Well then this Celtics team has not been honored and rightfully so. When the long ball isn’t falling this team is more than capable of attacking the rim and getting points the “hard” way. However for some reason this team hasn’t learned from their game seven woes of a year ago, as they keep launching hoping to hit. That has to change going forward, and this teams lack of toughness does as well.

The Celtics are 3-1 against the other top forces in the East (Philly Toronto Milwaukee) and 6-6 against everyone else. In what has been the most confusing start to a season in quite sometime, last night was more of the same. This team still has all the time in the world to figure out how to put balls in the hoop, but it’s going to be a grind figuring it out. I think they will, they just have to be tough enough.

Final Score: Utah Jazz 98 Boston Celtics 86 

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