Uncle Drew Addresses Possible Early Retirement (Relax, He’s Not Retiring Anytime Soon)

Today in a press conference Kyrie was asked about the career of Vince Carter and if he’d eventually follow suit playing into his late 30s, early 40s. “No, no,” he said. “Once I’m done with this, hopefully in my early-to-mid 30s, I’m done with this.” My reaction to this was pretty simple: “Hmm, yeah he’s kind of a weird dude, makes sense, checks out” Kyrie has always been relatively active outside of basketball as just this summer we saw him release his first film, Uncle Drew. He’s more than just a basketball player and I could see him breaking into a ton of different avenues after basketball. Another thing that is being underplayed here is the time frame he said. Mid-30s is around the time where players begin to fizzle out (unless you’re LeBron) and either have to reinvent themselves, or step away from the game. If Kyrie plays until he is 32 years old or so is that really considered an early retirement? Players are playing into their late 30s, but if he’s in the range of 32-35 and has accomplished all he wants to accomplish when he wants to step away, who could blame him? He’s had injuries, wants to pursue things other than basketball, and he’s the kind of dude that would step away maybe a tiny bit earlier than we’d expect.

Uncle Drew

Another underrated aspect of this is the confidence he must have in the Celtics, now, and a few years down the line. I don’t think if he was in a situation he didn’t believe in he’d be comfortable giving a timeline of his retirement. It shows me that he wants to go through the rest of his journey in Boston (that makes my heart warm). If he were to sign a 5 year deal this summer, win a title (hopefully), and then retire a little after 30 I wouldn’t be surprised. While I see him being closer to 35 when he retires, nothing is out of the question with him. At that point, I hope he accomplishes his dream of having his #11 in the rafters, and (at least one) a championship banner hanging commemorating another Celtic title.

Check out some of Kyrie’s best commercials as Uncle Drew.


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