How is Fultz Not A Cav Yet?

Update: The Cavs stink.

Another update: Markelle Fultz wants a trade.

Another  another update: Cleveland players, namely JR Smith, want out.

Everyone caught up? Alright, cool.

This deal is almost too easy to be honest. One team is an Eastern Conference contender that needs dead eye shooters, and one team stinks and has two three point sharp shooters. Aside from Collin Sexton (maybe), Cleveland has nothing on it’s current roster that they can build around beyond this year. Kevin Love is fighting the injury bug and he’s not getting any younger, while all of the pieces that once surrounded LeBron don’t fit well without him (shocking, I know). Meanwhile in Philly, former first overall selection Markelle Fultz wants out after having serious structural issues in his shoulders or the yips, depending on who you ask. So my question is, why haven’t these two teams made a deal yet?

Kyle Korver or JR Smith would fit perfectly with Joel Embiid. Smith is only shooting 30% from three but is one of the streakiest shooters of all time. When he is shooting well, he’s one of the most deadly offensive players on the planet. Meanwhile Korver is shooting 42% from three and continues to be one of the most consistent long range shooters ever. While every team could use a guy like that, Philly in particular needs it, especially when teams are covering Embiid like this when Simmons has the ball;

ben simmons open.jpg

Can’t have that. Put Korver on the floor and you at least get one or two guys out of the paint, giving your All-NBA center more room to cook. Outside of Jimmy Butler, no one on the Sixers has a three point percentage higher than 40%. They have one glaring weakness that the dumpster fire in Cleveland has the answer to.

This makes even more sense for the Cavs too. Why hold onto Smith and Korver when at the very least they’ll get hot and win you a few games, dragging you away from a chance to draft one of the studs from Duke. Best case scenario, you go out and get Fultz, who starts to develop into the elite combo guard he was advertised as. Combine that with Sexton AND whatever beast you get out of Duke when you start the tanking process, and that is a team you can build around. I guess asking Dan Gilbert to do anything smart in the history of his existence is like asking water to not be wet, but this is such an easy move he has to do it.


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