Jalen Rose is Stupid

Lord is he stupid. Very good at college basketball, pretty good at professional hoops. He seems like a nice guy as well, in all my years of internet I’ve never heard a bad thing about him but, my god, is he dumb. On his own show, Jalen and Jacoby, he said that Boston should consider trading Kyrie Irving.

Now I get he had his reasons and I’m going to break them down one by one. He said no one is untouchable outside of Jayson Tatum and he’s half right. It’s true no one is untouchable on this team, and that includes Jayson Tatum. If Kyrie resigns and sheds the Rose Rule allowing Boston to get Anthony Davis, and New Orleans wants Tatum straight up I will pack Tatum’s bags myself. He goes on to say they should trade Kyrie for “another perennial All Star to cultivate the style of play that we have”…..dude, do you know who is a perennial All Star that helps cultivate the style of play we have? Kyrie Irving. Trading Kyrie for another All Star keeps us in the same mediocre boat, we just change drivers. According to Rose, Scary Terry is a capable starting point guard (duh). Go through the league and ask every team who’s starting point guard is “capable” if they’d like to have Kyrie Irving. Rose also brings up the fact that Boston goes from offensive to defensive subs late in games. Meaning, Kyrie is on the bench if Boston is on defense with under a minute left. That isn’t because Kyrie is that bad at defending, it’s because Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart are that good. He adds that Kyrie is great and he’d love to build a team around him. So would Danny Ainge, which is why he built a team around him. Finally, he brings up how Boston went to the Eastern Conference Finals last year without Kyrie, completely ignoring the fact that they most likely win that series if Kyrie plays in game seven. From front to back he’s wrong on all accounts. Below is a video of him saying Zion Williamson wouldn’t have started on the Fab Five.

Dude whaaaaaaaaaat? Zion, the most versatile and physically gifted prospect since that LeBron James guy couldn’t start? Zion plays three different positions, you mean to tell me he could’t have found a way to start? He eventually back tracks over the whole thing when Stephen A lays into him. Goes from “Zion couldn’t shoot to play the two!” all the way around to “I meant he wouldn’t start over Howard or C-Webb.” Within two weeks he has given maybe the two wildest takes of the year (so far). I completely understand that sports talk in this age is all about drumming up controversy but throughout his career, and to his credit, Rose has never been that guy. He’s just been stupid apparently.

Unrelated but he once allowed Kobe to hang 81 points and I’ll never forgive him for that.


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