More Fultz Issues

After Woj released a report on Markelle Fultz, the collective NBA world has all went into collective hysteria with takes on the matter.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 6.43.00 PM.png

I’m most certainly not a doctor, so bear with me. Basically, what I’ve gathered is his case of TOS has caused his abnormal jumpshot. It all makes sense as there has been a perceived hitch in his jumper. If the nerves aren’t responding correctly, then it is reasonable to believe that things could get herky jerky with his release while suffering from TOS. For comparison, look at Markelle’s jumpshot before the draft and then his jumpshot now.

It was such a fluid motion before and, looking back, he looked like one of the better point guard prospects in recent memory. This was all true, until he got to Philly, then, it all went to shit, rather quickly. If you look at his jumper now, he seems to hold it above his head for a split second before releasing, and at times it looks like he’s double pumping on every shot. Hearing that there has been some nerve damage it makes sense how his shot has gotten mucked up.

While I do believe he can recover from this, I’m not so certain his jumpshot can. Shooting is a product of muscle memory and if you repeatedly do something incorrectly, those bad habits are going to stick with you. It also seems like, during this whole saga, that Fultz has lost confidence in himself and is treated as if he’s a toddler and can’t receive criticism. Philly is so cautious when talking about Fultz that it seems as if they’re making an effort not to say anything bad about him. It is the NBA and they have all of their shot doctors and shooting experts but I can’t be convinced that his confidence will come back. It’s going to take some time to rework his entire jumper and it seems like everyday they’re trying something new with him that doesn’t work. After building all of these bad shooting habits I have questions about his ability to get back to where he was in college, in regards to shooting. It’s going to be a long road back for him and I’m not sure Philly has time to wait for it.

His recovery time is said to be anywhere from 3-6 weeks and from there his issues should be solved. We’ve heard this from Philly regarding Fultz so many times over his short career and it always seems like something else comes up. It remains to be seen if he’ll be able to pick up the pieces, but I for one, am skeptical.


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