It’s Almost 2019 and There Isn’t A Basketball Team in Seattle

Adam Silver is easily the best commissioner in sports, granted the competition isn’t stiff. When every other commissioner is staying away from things like weed legalization and gambling, Silver is leading the charge into the future. When other commissioners have to deal with an owner who makes racist comments they sort of tread lightly. In his first year in office Silver gave old Donald Sterling the Uncle Phil and tossed him out like Jazzy Jeff. Meanwhile Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, is very smelly at his job and receives a chorus of boos everywhere he goes. Yet somehow, the little dweeb made the call to put a hockey team in Seattle which is something Silver and the NBA has yet to do. Silver nails every hard decision he has to make, but somehow the easiest lay up this man has he still hasn’t hit. There needs to be a hoops team in Seattle, and it needs to be there yesterday.

Ever since 2008, the Supersonic faithful have been holding their breath waiting for a team to come back to the Emerald City. There is a checklist every city needs to have to be a viable relocation destination;

  1. A stadium- check
  2. A large group of fans who will for certain show up- checkseattle arena.jpg
  3. Other NBA teams that no one cares about- check check check check

The Hawks, Pistons, Timberwolves, and Nets are filling less than 80% of their arenas nightly. Minnesota currently is in the midst of a disaster season, the Nets play in Brooklyn where the NHL are currently dragging the Islanders out of, the Hawks play in a city that the NHL left a almost a decade ago, and Detroit’s issues are more of an economic issue than a interest issue. So eliminating the Motor City, you have at least three teams with less than a B- in attendance. Of those three teams, one has somewhat of a decent history and that’s Atlanta, and of the two remaining teams both could really use relocation. Minnesota sells out hockey games every night in the same building, so clearly the hoops interest isn’t there, but the clear choice of the two is Brooklyn. For starters they play in the same city as the Knicks, who sell out every night despite being very very not good. On top of that, owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, is very much on his way out even though he’s the one who brought the Nets out of New Jersey. While on the court the Nets have taken incredible strides over the last few seasons, they cant find a way to make the people of Brooklyn care at all. Brooklyn being in the leagues good graces, while Seattle isn’t is something that shouldn’t stand.

The Stern era and the Silver era of the NBA are already extremely different despite one being directly after the other. durant in seattleThe professional, lack of self expression, and ultimately dullness of the Stern era is almost completely gone. Players, under Silvers encouragement, are dressing and speaking out on topics in which ever way they see fit. The last stain of the Stern era that needs to be altered is Seattle’s lack of a team. The fix is easy and hopefully the genius that is Adam Silver pulls the trigger. Get Payton and Kemp’s names up in the rafters and let the loudest city in sports go.  Bring back the Sonics, then make KD, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden play one game together. The NBA at least owes the city that much.

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