A Game Against the Knicks in December is Somehow a Revenge Game

Tonight is a must win game. Not in the sense that it’ll change playoff seeding or anything like that, but tonight the green can make amends for their darkest day during this slow start. For those of you who’ve repressed it, back on the 21st of November, the Celtics lost to the Knicks at home 117-109. In that game there were zero ties after the first score and zero lead changes. So what essentially happened was the Knicks strolled into the Garden, scored off the tip, and wiped the floor with the green until the final whistle. Chuck will have more about tonight’s game as we get closer to the tip, but I just wanted to express the importance of this game. That game in November has been a glaring reminder of how bad this team was early on. With a few wins in a row, a rotation that is clearly working, and a returning Jaylen Brown, the Celtics are in a prime position to erase some doubt heading into Christmas. However, this team has been in this spot already early on. Early in November they looked like they found their groove stomping out Chicago and beating Toronto, only to follow that up with a three game skid which included the Knicks game. It really is strange to refer to this team as the “new look” Celtics but that fits accurately. With Brown back hopefully Stevens finds a way to get everyone involved without changing the starting five, because I really don’t want to watch another blowout loss to the Knicks.

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