Good Lord Kawhi is an Animal

I am an idiot. A fool’s fool. A dummy. A dang imbecile. I was in the “only trade for Kawhi if he resigns!!!” camp, and Toronto did the opposite of that and is running the East. He has wasted no time launching himself back into his third best player in the universe role. He has career highs in points and rebounds, and his second highest average in assists this year, on top of still being the best on ball defender in the game. Any team who had a legit shot to get this guy and didn’t should be forced to grovel at their fans feet and beg for forgiveness. This guy adds pages to the playbook on both ends of the floor. He can cover any guard or wing thrown at him, and can be devastating on offense with or without the ball. He just gets the game, and that isn’t something you can teach. It is however something you could’ve apparently traded for this off season but simpletons like me thought it was a bad idea.

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