At Chicago 12/8: More Dubs


Boston (15-10): 133– Chicago (6-21): 77

Top Performers:


Daniel Theis: 22 PTS 10 REB 5 AST  4 BLK

Jaylen Brown: 23 PTS 5 REB 3 AST 2 STL

Jayson Tatum: 18 PTS 3 REB 2 AST


Shaq Harrison: 20 PTS 1 REB 1 AST 1 STL

Zach LaVine: 11 PTS 3 REB 2 AST

Cameron Payne: 10 PTS 3 REB 3 AST 1 STL


No reason to not be frank about it, the Celtics gave the Bulls a proverbial beating. A 56-point pummeling on their opponent’s home floor. While it is the Bulls, it’s not easy to a blow a team out like the Celtics blew out the Bulls. It was impressive because of who they did it with. Daniel Theis probably had his best game as a Celtic (Team high +50, unreal, I know) and took over with Al sidelined. Brad continues to pull the right strings and this bench unit led by Jaylen and Hayward is a sight to see. Their passed 8 games (since Hayward made the change to the bench) they rank 7th in bench ppg at 45.1. The last two games (since Jaylen’s been back) they average a league high 59.0 bench points per game.

It’s been efficient and it gives Brad a lot of creativity as he essentially just staggers his best players. I think this starting 5 might stay like this for a long time. What if Brad just says screw it lets go nuts and just says forget about bench and starters. I imagine if you told Hayward and Brown that they’d get their same minutes but it’ll just be off of the bench they would be all in. They want to win and right now, it’s been working and I don’t think there’s any reason to mess with it.

The Celtics came out early with a blitz starting the game out 17-0. They never gave this lead back either and that was promising to see as they haven’t really just beat a team to death wire to wire yet. Last night was the night and the Celtics not only held the lead, but expanded it to a margin of 56 points.

Jaylen Brown had another great game off the bench as he went 8-11 from the floor and 3-3 from downtown. I love how he’s made an effort to go to the basket more and I believe that’s why he’s looked better since he’s been back. His game lags when he just chucks up a bunch of threes. He didn’t do that last night and hopefully he continues to go to the rack strong.

Good lord do the Bulls stink. Imagine getting 50 pieced, at home. Jim Boylen’s been trying to sing kumbaya and the players are having none of it. He’s reportedly been trying to run this team into the ground in practice and I’m no NBA head coach, but that doesn’t work. They’re grown men and if you treat them like high schoolers they’ll run you out of town. They’re on their own level of bad and it’s hard to actually attain this poor of a draw.

Kyrie again did his usual thing and tried to get everyone involved. This was a good stepping stone and propels them into their game against the Pels on Monday.

Player of the Game: Daniel Theis

Most definitely the best game of Theis’ career, he had it all on display last night. He did it from the inside as well as the outside (2-4 from three) and really settled in out there. He is such a unique player and prototypical bench big. He’s long, can shoot, can defend multiples positions, and rebounds. When he plays within himself he’s always solid. He was even better than solid last night and hopefully he can use this as a chance to propel himself into a regular rotation player for the Green. With Baynes out for a few Theis will get those minutes and a continued opportunity to show his stuff.

What’s Next?

The Celtics return home for a tilt against the Pelicans at home Monday night (12/10), tip off at 7:30 ET.


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