Raptors vs Bucks is Going to be a Fun Second Round Series

Toronto has already established  themselves as the head of the East (for now). Kawhi is back to being very good at basketball and the rest of that team is following his lead. Meanwhile in Milwaukee, Giannis never stopped being good at basketball. In the midst of his best season ever, The Greek Freak has dragged the Bucks to the number two seed in the East, however the aforementioned Raptors are firmly in the driver’s seat. The two teams clashed last night for the second time, and yet again the Bucks emerged victorious. This time however, it was a lot closer. Back on October 28th the Bucks blew the Raptors out 124-109, but Kawhi and Giannis were both sidelined so it was essentially a JV game. With both leaders back, this game was a lot closer, a lot more entertaining, and exactly the type of game that is incredible to watch in May. I’ll take seven of them please.

These two teams are perfectly matched for each other. middleton and giannis.jpgThe two best players in the East with solid supporting casts ready to duke it out. It’s the type of match up fans who miss “the old school NBA” have been begging for. A one on one that just so happens to feature 8 other guys on the court. It appeals to fans of the modern game too as both teams have supporting members who are exciting to watch. Toronto has some familiar faces like Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka, with a few newer faces like Pascal Siakam and Fred Van Vleet. Milwaukee has sharp shooter Khris Middleton who plays his best when the lights are the brightest. This is the type of series that gets people excited about playoff hoops despite the end result being a foregone conclusion (yes, Golden State is still winning an NBA title this season).

Are they the two most glamorous cities in the league? Not even close. Boston and Philly will be going head to head alongside this series so it’s hard to believe this would even get top billing. But in terms of on court match ups, this series has the most to it. Kawhi and Giannis are the two superstars in the NBA with the most to prove come playoff time, and them having to prove it against each other is going to make for some explosive basketball.

Disclaimer: Notice how I said second round series. The Celtics will retake the one seed at some point and these two teams will be the second and third seeds. If the Celtics don’t finish in first, then I do not want this series to happen, because the only way it’ll happen is in the conference finals. No thanks. That’s where the green will be.


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