I Guess You Can Just Travel Now?

This happened a few days ago but every time I watch it I cant help but laugh. For well over a decade old basketball fans have screamed “carry!!!!” and “travel!!” at their televisions any time someone does a crossover, and it’s not because they know the rule, they’ve just never seen anything like that before. Kyrie does something once a night that Magic Johnson would’ve dislocated his own ankles trying to do. It’s something fans who grew up watching Allen Iverson have gotten use to. Do the refs let players get away with a little bit in the name of exciting offense? Yeah, of course, but if a small extra step means I can see Giannis dunk from the three point line then so be it. But boy was this something different. He doesn’t create enough space on Rubio the first time so he just keeps going until Rubio is airborne. Then later in the game Rubio just refuses to fully close out because he knows the ref is just going to let Harden cradle the ball and rush like Todd Gurley until he’s open. He looks like a little kid playing with his dad in the driveway, as soon as his dad put his hand up Harden just picked it back up and ran to an open spot. This is just so blatant that I need more of it. Let’s see how wild this can get until Silver gets involved. I want Kyrie to take seven euro steps tonight, just hop scotch from end to end.

James Harden Fun Fact: He’s taken 193 more free throws than shots. I don’t want to say the way he’s officiated is alarming, but Tim Donaghy probably thinks they’re doing a fine job.

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