Smarf Slays The Beard, The 1-Year Anniversary

With the Celtics in Houston and James Harden getting some cold feet because he has to face Marcus Smart (he’s playing tonight but earlier there were rumblings that he was questionable), let us trek back 364 days. Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of when Smart single handedly took down the Rockets in the most Marcus Smart way possible. If you forget, here is a friendly reminder.

2 charges in like 10 seconds back to back on the same player in the exact same fashion. The fact that it was Harden was even better. While we’re at it, the facial expressions in that video are some of the best content I’ve seen in a long time.

Harden’s wondering where everything went awry and CP3 doesn’t know wether he should smile or throw up. CP3 is you when you’re at a friends house and their Mom is screaming at them, and Harden’s your poor friend. The video is something else, it’s amazing. I recommend you just continually pause it cause the jokes make themselves with these facial expressions.

It’s also pretty notable how much Smart lives inside of Harden’s head and how much trouble he gives him on the defensive end. Last season in 2 matchups against the Rockets Smart covered Harden for over 60 possessions, held him to 2-17 from the field, forced 5 turnovers, blocked 2 of his shots, and only committed ONE shooting foul against him. Harden is notorious for drawing fouls as it’s one of his best skills as a player. Somehow, someway, Smart manages to not fall into the trap and that could be the most impressive thing of all. He had Harden in his back pocket both games, and doing that to someone who took home last year’s MVP is quite the effort.

Not only did Smart force him into those fouls but the team as a whole came back from a 26-point deficit to stun the Rockets. It was one of their most miraculous feats yet and the ending was so fitting for that team. A year removed, and I still can’t get over what went down those last 18.4 seconds. Hopefully Smart has something else up his sleeves for us tonight cause I for one would sure hate to see more of those distraught facial expressions on my TV. I would just RUE it.


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