Free Karl Anthony Towns

This poor guy needs to get as far away from this moronic coaching staff as physically possible. He would be the perfect building block for a team who had any idea of what a basketball is and how to win a basketball game. I’ve written extensively before about how dumb Coach Thibs is, but my god he’s ruining the best big man prospect basketball has seen since Shaq. From not getting enough touches, to having him stand at the wing, none of what Minnesota has Towns doing makes sense. I don’t know how a team gets a trade package together for him, it would be a boatload of prospects and picks, but the league needs to sit all the front offices down and force this deal to get done, because as a fan of the game seeing all that talent get flushed down the Thibs toilet is unbearable.

Last nights game in Boston is the perfect sample of what I’m talking about. Andrew Wiggins started off white hot going 7-11 in the first half, while Towns struggled going 2-9. What Thibs had Towns doing during the early game struggle was down right infuriating. They had Towns clear out to the wing to make room for Wiggins, much like he did with Boozer and Rose in Chicago back in 2011. The only problem with that is Towns is head and shoulders better than Carlos Boozer, and Wiggins is not nearly the player Rose was. So you’ve essentially neutralized your best offensive threat to feed the hot hand instead of getting both going, which led you to a 60-42 deficit heading into the locker room. This only gets more infuriating in the second half.

Towns comes out in the second half and just dominates Boston. We could’ve covered the hoop in concrete and Towns would’ve found a way to get buckets. Karl went 9-10 and 2-2 from deep, one of which was a 25 foot step back. Minnesota put up 39 in the third frame, cutting the lead to 6 on the back of Karl Anthony Towns. So any coach who’s brain isn’t made of jello would run the same game plan out in the fourth right? Get Towns the ball and get out of the way. Instead Towns got three shots in the fourth. THREE. The same as Tyus Jones, one less than Andrew Wiggins, and two less than Anthony Tolliver. After the third quarter Towns had, Antony Tolliver should’ve gotten zero shots, not two more than the future of your franchise. Towns is above his career average in points and rebounds per game but no one seems to care because his front office is in shambles, and his coach just refuses to focus the offense around him for a full 48 minutes.

The league right now is experiencing a surge of talent at the center position. Anthony Davis is a top five player, Embiid is top 15 at least, Jokic is emerging as an elite center, and guys like Adams, Vucevic and Nurkic are having very good years as well. Couple that with Deandre Ayton being as good as advertised and young centers like Mo Bamba and Rob Williams showing elite defending promise, and it’s clear that the league wide center depth is only growing. Towns is just as good as all of  those guys not named Anthony Davis, but it doesn’t matter as long as Thibs keeps squandering his development. Trade him to San Antonio, Boston, or Miami. Coaches who can properly asses this guy and determine his strengths and weaknesses. I’d prefer him getting traded to Golden State over what is currently happening. The worst thing in the world is wasted talent, and Coach Tommy Thibs is the worst thing in the world. I just wish someone would stop him from ruining my friend Karl.

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