Coach Thibodeau Is a Dummy: The Finale

From letting a lunatic tear your team apart to running the “don’t let Towns shoot for quarters at a time” play nightly, I don’t know what finally did it. The basketball gods have shined upon Minnesota because Coach Dummy is gone. Hit the bricks Thibs, have fun running some college program. See you once a year in March. Good lord, now we can get Karl Unhinged. Over his last ten games Towns is averaging 28.3 points and 17 boards on 53% from the field, yet no one cares due to the fact that Thibs was dead set on slowing his own center down. For some reason Towns is getting just around 16 shots per, for comparison Joel Embiid is around 18. The plan should be simple, get Towns the ball and get out of the way, yet for some reason Thibs has been reluctant to give the big man the keys to the kingdom. Now he doesn’t have a choice. Three days ago I begged the league to get Karl Anthony Towns out of Minnesota because I didn’t think Minnesota would ever fire Thibs. If the infamous Jimmy Buckets practice, or declining a package of four first round picks for Butler and then trading him for nothing didn’t get him fired, I didn’t think anything would. Yet, it happened. Karl is free and needs someone to set him loose. Now if only there was a former Minnesota player who can get the best out of the young big…………

kg gif.gif

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