BREAKING: Klay Thompson is Good at Shoot

You heard it here first folks, Klay Thompson is a good shooter. Klay went 18-29 and 7-16 from deep on FOUR DRIBBLES. This man bounced the basketball four times. There are few players who are more exciting to watch when they’re feeling it than Klay. Yeah Durant is more impressive, LeBron is more physically imposing and Steph is flashier, but when Klay is on it’s must see television. Every time he comes off a screen and lets it fly, regardless of where he is, you know it’s finding the bucket. This may be it for the Warriors dynasty run, Durant is expected to opt out, and Klay and Draymond need to get paid. Klay leaving is what’s best for the game though, because regardless of how well he shoots he’s still the second best shooter on his team. Yeah, his shooting outbursts get main stream attention in the Bay, but he has the ability to do stuff like this nightly, he just doesn’t get the touches (Nor should he). Hopefully Klay goes somewhere like New York or to the Clippers, a big market team that needs some life. In the meantime though, if he wants to light up the opposition without dribbling on a nightly basis, I’m down for that too.

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