Quick Hits: A Bunch Of Hulla-Balloo About Nothing

Today both Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown discussed their bench altercation (altercation is a strong word for it) with the media. For a quick refresher, heres the video from Thursday night in Miami.

That happened, the Celtics lost, and then subsequently everyone lost their collective mind’s. Everyone started barking about how the Celtics are falling apart and the season’s over. First of all, in terms of a shove that was really a lot of nothing. While maybe the shove was a little unnecessary, we don’t know what was said, and this happens all the time behind the scenes in the NBA. They’re two super competitive guys and all that shows me is that they want to win. Just because two teammates get into it with each other doesn’t mean there are internal problems. How many times playing pick-up basketball (or playing any sport) have you yelled at your teammates or had someone yell at you? It’s about holding your teammates accountable and that’s all Morris was doing. Listen to his analysis on the whole ordeal and it’s clear how minuscule of a thing it was.

He hit the nail right on the head and that made me feel really good about this team long term. If they’re going to win a championship they have to be open and honest with each other. Look at the Warriors and all of the stuff that goes on with them. Yes they have some dust ups and players get into it, but that’s just them being open with each other and sometimes the truth hurts. Even though it may hurt, it goes a long way to building trust and holding each other accountable. Morris is a leader in that locker room and if he sees Jaylen doing something he doesn’t like, of course he’s going to let him know about it. You can tell throughout the interview too that Morris is completely moved on from the situation.

Jaylen seemed to be completely moved on as well in his interview earlier today.

You move on and you get ready for your next game. They’re grown men and when they have an issue they can hash it out and let it go. These things happen and it just goes to show how passionate these guys are about their craft. It’s a long season and I guarantee this will be forgotten about by next week if it isn’t already.


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