Another Prime Michael Beasley Moment

So are we surprised by this? No. Was it still hysterical? Yes. The Lakers have been a hotbed for content all season long. Wether it be Lance playing the air guitar at everything, LeBron walking in with a glass of wine, Rondo spitting on Chris Paul, or even just the usual antics of Kuzma, Lonzo, and Josh Hart, we’ve seen it all. They’ve underperformed on the court but they’ve been wildly entertaining otherwise.

Just look at Beasley’s face when he’s told he has on the wrong shorts. It’s like this happens every other day and it’s just another “Well damn, I wasn’t even close with the colors tonight, those edibles were something else.” then he just waltzes back into the locker room. We give players flak for forgetting to take off their warmups when coming into the game but I think this move was unprecedented. Seeing him wearing the wrong shorts is one thing but I’m surprised he didn’t have the completely wrong uniform on top to bottom. Just imagine Beasley coming into the game wearing his Knicks threads from last season or one of his jerseys from overseas. I wouldn’t put it passed him and I’m quietly rooting for this to somehow happen. As our good friend KG said, anything is possible. Beasley does not care whatsoever and above all you have to respect it in some sort of capacity.

The best part is that he wasn’t even CLOSE with the shorts he chose. The Lakers are in their bright yellow uniforms and somehow someway Beasley managed to stumble upon the black ones. I wonder how long it would have taken him to realize if they just let him play like that. My guess is we’d still be seeing him hooping in the wrong shorts for at least the rest of the first half. Either way, a bad basketball team without LeBron James, but at least they make us laugh on a nightly basis.



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