Marcus Smart Fined 35K

After his altercation with DeAndre Bembry Saturday night, Marcus Smart has been fined $35K and will not be punished further. For those of you who may have forgotten, or just want to see the video again, here it is.

So basically how I saw it was that Smart and Bembry had some words, the refs gave out some quick techs (much to the surprise of Smart), and things boiled over from there. It still hasn’t been discussed as to what Bembry actually said to Smart, but I can imagine it wasn’t the ole “How’s the family” type greeting.

Bembry was asked about it after the game and said (talking about Smart) “he lost his cool after the ref told him he was ejected, so I think after that he was thinking he had nothing else to lose.” and also said “he was just talking to Trae and I was just having Trae’s back”. So that gives us a little bit of insight on what occurred but honestly seems like a lot of window dressing. I imagine Smart was saying something about Trae and then Bembry hopped in to defend him and things got out of hand. We probably won’t ever know what set Smart off, but it stems from just the usual trash talk in an NBA game that can sometimes get out of hand.

When I first saw it I was thankful that somebody (multiple somebodies) was able to get a hold of Smart when he tried to charge Bembry. If he had gotten there and connected with punches he could be looking at a 5-10 game suspension rather than just a fine. I honestly thought the may give him a game or so for just the attempt alone but I guess they saw it differently. All in all, happy he wasn’t suspended, happy it wasn’t a lot worse, and happy we can move on and focus on the Miami Heat tonight rather than a suspension.


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