“A Source Close To The Celtics”

After thinking the cesspool of AD, LeBron, and Rich Paul related news was on the downswing (silly me), another bit of news came out buried at the end of a Bleacher Report article. The exact quote is below:

Via Bleacher Report

“a source close to the Celtics confirmed that Kyrie Irving is genuinely interested in reuniting with his former Cavaliers teammate. “That is for real,” the source said.”

Reading that was the moment where I became mad online, furious even. It’s just more drama being leaked out by Rich Paul, Magic Johnson, The Lakers as an entity, or LeBron’s camp. There’s so much wrong with this quote when you dive into it and really give it some thought

First off, if someone CLOSE to the Celtics had any idea that Kyrie was planning on running away to LA in the off-season, how wouldn’t Danny Ainge catch wind of this? He works in the shadows mostly and you can bet that if there were any doubts that Kyrie would be re-signing in the off-season, he’d be on his way out sooner rather than later. Ainge doesn’t get fleeced by teams/players (look at his history) and I’d be shocked if he wasn’t way out ahead of all of this if it was true.

Second, isn’t it a little bit odd that the day after Rich Paul (AD’s agent, LeBron’s agent, and founder of Klutch Sports) told the press that his client wanted a trade to LA this Kyrie news comes out? Paul just got AD fined 50K for his comments yesterday and it’s clear he doesn’t care about the fines. That fine is nickels and dimes to AD and if Paul can facilitate a trade to LA in any way possible, he will. The fact that the source is unnamed as well tells me that it’s someone close to the whole situation. By whole situation, I mean the AD/Laker drama, not Kyrie. If this was real news it would be everywhere and would be reported by more than one unnamed “source” rather than just being shoved in at the end of an article.

Lastly, while what players say in regards to where they play and all isn’t always genuine, I believe Kyrie that he loves it in Boston. He regularly iterates his thoughts on the team long-term wether it be him saying that he wants to develop chemistry with Gordon Hayward “not just this year, but a few years down the line”, or just speaking about the young players and how high this team’s ceiling is in the future. Sure, the Celtics have been underperforming and it’s been frustrating for Irving but I find it hard to believe that he’s going to ditch all of this over 50 regular season games. He came out at the beginning of the season, went in front of the fans, and said he plans on re-signing for an event HE staged to get such news out! For the love of everything holy, the man shot a Nike commercial on the parquet floor saying that he wanted to have his #11 in the rafters someday! Ok…I’m done yelling at you.

While maybe Kyrie is a phony and is planning on high-tailing it out of here after the season, I don’t buy it and I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, prepare to be fed more garbage from everywhere about how Kyrie’s gone and the Lakers are building a super team until July 1st.


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