We Just Blew a 28 Point Lead to the Clippers

Anyone who still wants to get rid of Kyrie after watching that second half should be banned from watching basketball. The kids got the keys to the kingdom for one half against a group of guys who’ve been teammates for 48 hours and squandered a near 30 point lead. Tatum and Brown were awful, ever possession was wasted down the stretch, Hayward come off the bench hot but Smart pulled up from North Station, and then Hayward handed the ball to Harrell and effectively ended the game. What is easily the most frustrating part of it is this was the SECOND most frustrating loss over the last two games.

With all the Anthony Davis chatter, and boy does trading it all for The Brow seem tempting right now, you’d think the young guys on this team would step up to prove their worth. Against the Lakers, Brown and Tatum looked incredible. Against the Clippers they look like they were introduced to the game of basketball this morning. Meanwhile, Coach Stevens couldn’t devise a plan to counter the “shoot wide open threes” play Landry Shamet ran late in the fourth. Actually. the Celtics went to the “foul him and give him four points” play, much to the chagrin of everyone with a brain. The green looked like a team that was completely unprepared for a battle without Kyrie, and that should terrify everyone. We have the Sixers up next and if we play like we did tonight, sans Kyrie, you can mark that as a loss, which effectively erases the crucial mental edge you have over Philly. If Kyrie needs more time after that, you can count the match up with Detroit as a loss as well on Wednesday night, and just like that, all the ground made up in that 10 game run is gone.

Chuck will have a more organized reaming of this team tomorrow, if this game hasn’t killed him. Games like that make it hard to not only defend this team, but generally get invested in them. I would’ve ran through endless walls for these same players last year, because they would’ve done it for each other. This year, those same guys seem not to care about anyone in the building, let alone the locker room. I really don’t hold any weight in “they need toughness in the locker room”. I usually find that mentality borderline archaic. However, with a roster spot open, Danny should go get Markieff Morris and let the twins run wild on this locker room. Just lay into everyone, from top to bottom, because this team appears to be gutless. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to buy Bruins tickets because they’re the only worthy investment on Causeway Street. You think Patrice Bergeron lets this type of effort slide?

-Eric Rufo

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