The Warriors Do Not Want to See the Celtics in June

That is easily the most mind blowing stat to come out of last night’s game. The Warriors have run the league for five years, yet they only struggle, if you can even call it that, against one team; the Boston Celtics. Since 2015-2016 the Warriors are 4-4 against Boston, who seemingly elevates their play any time they suit up against Golden State. In that stretch each team only holds one double digit victory, and one of the Warriors victories came in double over time. Statistically, the only team in the East who has consistently played the Warriors well is Boston, but that isn’t the only reason they should hope the Celtics don’t make the finals. The Warriors have this “here they come’ mystique, one of their shooters hits two bombs in a row, and the next thing you know they’re on a 18-0 run. It scares the pants off of every team they’ve played in this dynasty run, the opposition gets nervous and reverts to YMCA style offenses (see last years Western Conference Finals). When you strike fear into the heart of every team you play, you tend to want to avoid the ones you can’t intimidate, and that team is the Boston Celtics.

Before last nights drubbing, an anonymous Warrior said Gordon Hayward was a “liability”. Which, to be fair, wasn’t exactly false coming into the game. Hayward hadn’t hit double digit points since before the All Star break, and reverted to the timid style of play we saw in November. Welp, all that went out the window.

Hayward looked better than he’s ever looked. He was aggressively attacking the rim, and more importantly finishing there, and he was lights out from three point land. The Celtics are 19-4 this year when Hayward has over 12 points, but if he wants to keep putting out 30 that’s fine with me. The best part of the whole thing? Jaylen Brown’s response post game.


“Well then, there you have it…..I’ll leave it at that”- Jaylen Brown. An anonymous Warrior called Jaylen’s teammate a liability but won’t put his name on it? Jaylen won’t comment on such cowardice. Just slandering a member of the best team this league has ever seen with no concern for how the Warriors will respond on the court. Want to know why? Because he’s not afraid of how Golden State will respond.  Oh by the way, Jaylen continued to be the monster off the bench that he’s been all year.

And just for good measure here he is last year against Golden State leading a double digit comeback;

What is somehow being lost in all this is Terry Rozier still doesn’t fear any man on this planet.

Late in the game, Baynes took a charge on Boogie Cousins. Cousins, frustrated with how the game went, immediately started jawing at Baynes and gave Jayson Tatum a forearm shove for good measure. Instantly, Terry Rozier gets in Cousins face, prompting Baynes to do the same. Boogie, in what is the most shocking moment of last night, chose to defuse the situation and walk away. For a team that supposedly hates each other, they sure seem willing to go to battle against one of the toughest guys in the league together.

Am I saying the Celtics will beat the Warriors if they play them in the Finals? No, not exactly. What I am saying is that if I’m Coach Kerr and I’m looking at the East, the last team I’d want to face is Boston. The Celtics were thought of as a dead team walking last night. Losers of 5 out of their last six, three of which were never close. Most teams on a stretch like that would see the Warriors on the schedule and close up shop. But for some reason, the Celtics love doing the opposite, and that should terrify the Warriors.

-Eric Rufo

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