Happy Smarf Day

To start this off I would like to say Happy Birthday Smarf and I hope you vanquish all of your enemies in due time. Ever since Danny Ainge pulled the trigger on Marcus Smart with the 6th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft I’ve been all the way in on his work. He is an absolute roller coaster to watch. From his constant heat checks to his complete disregard for his well being on the basketball court, it’s a trip. In honor of his 25th birthday I’ve decided to roll out my favorite Smarf moments over the years.

KG loves himself some Smarf (2014)

Smarf kg

Smart burst onto the scene his rookie year as someone who wanted to prove themselves in this league from the jump. Skip to 2:20 in the video and look at the play Smart makes and who is there to pat him on the back afterwards. Smart was the first guy Danny brought on board to truly be apart of this new age in Celtic basketball and seeing him dive on the floor to be greeted by KG was nothing short of perfect. It’s like a proverbial passing of the torch and you knew at that moment KG knew Smart was a True Celtic. Cut from the same cloth and someone else, like KG, who has just enough crazy in them to make it work.

Smart sends us all home in The 6 (2015)

“WHAT MAKES YA LAUGH MAKES YA CRY…Waahhhhh”-Cedric Maxwell. For some reason Max was in the booth with Mike Gorman and it couldn’t have been a better game for him to take the color commentary duties. Amidst a late season playoff push in 2015 the Celtics matched up down the stretch with the Raptors in Toronto. After Isaiah barrels to the basket guess who is there to pick up the pieces. None other than Marcus Smart and it’s pretty funny how ever since he was a rookie he’s had the knack of being in the right place at the right time.

The Millsap-Stopper (2016)

One of my favorite Smart games ever happened in the Eastern Conference QuarterFinals against the Atlanta Hawks. Trailing 2-1 the Celtics desperately needed this one and when Paul Millsap (45 points) was cooking Brad Stevens opted to go with Marcus Smart down the stretch on the big man. I would also like to add that I was one of those obnoxious people in the stands screaming for Brad to stick Smart on Millsap. He literally was pushing around Millsap down low and then knocking down big threes at the other end. It was a spectacle and he had some swagger in his step that day. This is when I realized what we actually had here in Smart and the moment I knew this was a guy that would come to play when the lights are the brightest.

Smarf Vs. The Cavs (2017)

A game after going down 2-0 in the ECF in embarrassing fashion the Celtics were without Isaiah Thomas as he was shut down for the rest of the postseason with his hip injury. Like most people, I thought this team now headlined by the Kelly Olynyks and the Jae Crowders of the world would be dead in the water. It looked like this would be the case as the Cavs opened up a 20 point lead and seemed to be coasting to a 3-0 lead. Instead, the Celtics made an epic comeback led by 7 threes from Marcus Smart culminating in a game winner by Avery Bradley. This is at the point where Smart was quite literally the worst shooter in NBA history so it was quite the outburst on such a big stage.

Charged Up (2018)

I know you all were waiting for this and I couldn’t be any more excited to be on this part of the post. By far my favorite Marcus Smart moment that has ever occurred is this one right here. From the faces on Harden and CP3 to the hilarity of the situation this has it all. The Celtics came back from a 20+ point deficit and Marcus Smart made a fool out of the MVP. This is when Marcus Smart signed his lifetime lease in Harden’s head and he hasn’t looked back since. The only thing that would ever top this in my eyes is a Marcus Smart playoff game winning charge and if I know Marcus Smart, I know that’s on the horizon in the future.

Random Smarf Stuff


Image result for marcus smart gif

smart fan.gif

Smarf robe.jpg

Never change Marcus, never change.

Happy Birthday!!!


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