Yo Soy Fiesta Forever, Gronk

Well this sucks. First and foremost, congrats to Rob Gronkowski on a Hall of Fame career. Morons will point to the record books to keep Gronk out of the GOAT conversation but make no mistake about it, he’s the best to ever do it. Accumulating 521 catches, 7861 yards, and 79 touchdowns, Gronk has been the most unstoppable force on a football field since 2011. No one has more receiving touchdowns this decade than Gronk, and he missed TWENTY GAMES over that span. There was never any answer for him when he was healthy, but keeping him healthy was the issue. This year all the bumps and bruises, all the surgeries and injuries came to ahead. While he was essential in keeping Joey Bosa, Chris Jones, and the two headed monster of Donald and Suh out of the backfield this post season, he wasn’t nearly the threat in the passing game we came to expect. Until January. Until the AFC Championship was on the line. Until the crown was challenged. Until we needed him. While 6 catches for 79 yards doesn’t seem massive, his first down conversation late in the fourth over Eric Berry kept the chains moving for the go ahead drive. Once again in overtime Gronk’s number was called on third and ten on the 25 yard line. Like we’d seen so many times before Brady finds Gronk in the seam for a first down, and eventually another AFC Championship. Then, in what was a Super Bowl filled with offensive disappointment old reliable showed up one last time.

Look I get it, he wants to live a pain free life post football, and that was becoming more unlikely with each snap. Gronk, almost notoriously to this point, hasn’t spent a dime of his Patriot’s pay checks, so he’s sitting on millions that he rightfully earned.

4x All-Pro

5x Pro Bowl

3x Super Bowl Winner

So take Camille and your family of massive humans, and ride off into the sunset. Yo soy Fiesta Gronk.

Bad boys for life.

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