Co-MVPs and Co-ROYs…Not The Recipe

Things I’m big in on: D’Angelo Russell

Things I’m big out on: D’Angelo Russell’s takes on things like who should win the MVP or ROY

I get it. Luka Doncic is awesome, Trae Young’s been Steph-Lite since the break, Giannis Antetokounmpo is carrying the Bucks to their first 60 win season since the ’80s, and James Harden’s been on his Wilt shit since like December. People by nature are indecisive and good lord has that been a theme this season.

On the MVP front, Giannis seemed like a shoe-in all season as the Bucks have dominated front to back this season. Since then, in his last 50 games, James Harden has burst onto the scene as the former MVP has averaged 39/7/7 (during those 50 games) and 36/6/7 overall. Through those 50 games the Rockets have went 36-14 and turned around what looked to be a lost season early in the year. Flipping the switch to the Rookie of the Year honors, remember when the entire NBA world declared Luka a superstar 5 games into his career? Nowadays, Trae Young has vaulted his way up the leaderboards as he’s shot nearly 40% from three since the break and has wowed us with his passing vision.

It’s basically become a constant argument based around recency bias and what guys did in like November. I have some news for you that may or may not be shocking.

~there are a slew of players in the NBA who have an MVP/ROY case~

It’s been like that since the awards were put into place way back in 1956 when Bob Pettit was rolling in MVP awards while not moving more than a foot from the basket. Just because there’s a tough decision to be made on an award doesn’t mean we have to start suggesting just giving away Co-Awards. It’s such a cop out and something that I would look down upon the league for if they did as such. It’s called the MVP for a reason. The reason we have All-NBA, All-Rookie, and All-Defensive teams is because ONE player is supposed to win MVP, ROY, and DPOY. What’s next after Co-MVPs? Tri-MVPs? Quad-ROYs? I rest my case.


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