We Must Protect Stephen A. Smith At All Costs

Stephen A. Smith has been in the news a lot lately. While he’s usually a hot topic in the sports world for his takes, jargon, and outright ridiculous quotes, the content this week has been off the charts. First off, news came out yesterday that ESPN has been pondering inking the longtime show-host to a deal that could potentially pay him $10 million dollars per year. A deal like that would plant him in the top echelon of sportscasters in terms of salary and would put him up there with *checks notes* JIM ROME for highest paid in the biz. Please don’t get my started on Jim Rome because I could complain about him for hours at a time.

What I will get started on is the fact that we have to consult the National Guard, The Avengers, or maybe even The Powerpuff Girls (they gave Mojo Jojo so much smoke it’s crazy) and arrange around the clock protection for Stephen A. Smith. The man just continues to flex in any way shape or form and all of it is absolutely delicious. What flex you might ask? See Tweet below.

I cannot get over it. Throughout the years we could compile an entire discography of Stephen A.’s greatest hits (I might dive into this piece soon so stay tuned), but this one might take the cake. He seriously walked into an interview, looked Bob Ley in the face, and told him nobody in his industry deserves his salary. Take a bow Stephen, please take a bow. The only thing I need is a shot of Bob Ley’s face as he took this quote in and I think my whole year would be complete.

Not only did he let that quote out, but he later doubled down on it with this tweet.

As an aspiring writer and someone who’s going to have to put in hours upon hours of work to get to where I want to be, this speaks to me. It’s such a thought out and intelligent thing to say and it really shows that he’s just a regular guy who scraped and clawed for his dream until he got to the top of the mountain. For anyone who thinks what he said to Bob Ley was arrogant, you are absolutely correct. It is arrogant, but Stephen A. is arrogant for good reason. He takes pride in his work and behind all of the gifs, absurd quotes, and funny things he does, he works his tail off. I admire him and in my opinion he should be handed a blank check and a lifetime deal.

Trekking back to the comedic part of this piece, how about Fake-Stephen A. getting into the scrum last night in Philly??? I had to watch this video like 15 times for me to realize that it wasn’t actually him.

Contrary to popular belief, that is not Stephen A. as documented when he addressed the video this morning.

Even this morning he was barking up a storm on First Take saying that anyone who thought he’d get in the middle of all of that was “out of (their) damn minds!”. Not only did he have a doppelgänger at the game last night, but he just happened to be there anyways chumming it up with Allen Iverson. It was the perfect storm and one of the more wholesome things I’ve seen on NBA Twitter in quite some time.

After the quotes and everything that came out during the day the fact that this happened was nothing but fate. It was the ultimate climax to one of the most Stephen A. Smith days ever. Not that you need this message, but Stephen A., never change. Never, ever, ever, EVER, change.

You’re a blasphemous human-being and a role model for all, let’s keep it that way.


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