Here we are, a little bit over a year since the Celtics were ousted in Game 7 by the Cavaliers and things looked so bright. They had proven All-Stars nearing their return, future young studs, and role players who were battle tested.They had it all in one, the perfect recipe for success. A year later, everything has gone up in flames and it’s a forest fire in Boston right now.

Kyrie Irving’s future apparently lies back home in Brooklyn and not in the rafters at TD Garden. News also dropped that it appears Al Horford’s also looking to bolt as he and the Celtics couldn’t work out a deal.

Just as a refresher, we are exactly 267 days from the day this picture hit the internet with THIS caption.

Who’s stopping them? Literally everybody.

Next, Kyrie posts this and tells all of the fans that he plans on re-signing after the season. He doubled down on coming back and made a Nike commercial saying he wanted his jersey retired.

What. A. Joke.

I’ll own it too, I thought him leaving was a farce all year and that he’d be true to his word, but I guess not. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just fell off the planet for a couple of years after having a sudden epiphany about some nonsense before the season starts. He’s that much of a trip.  I can’t pick up on this dude, for the life of me, I can not pick up on him. I guess it doesn’t even matter because he’ll be in a different uniform next season.

Flip the focus over to Al Horford and it’s even more jarring. Someone who’s been such a great Celtic and one of the most beloved athletes in the community, it’s tough. This news coming just about 8 hours after Woj declared that the Celtics and Horford were intent on working out a new deal.

I’ll never have a bad thing to say about Al. I wish him the best and hope he’s able to grab a ring somewhere, he deserves it. He also deserves better than what he suffered through this last season.

*Takes a very, very, VERY deep breath*

Now what?

The Celtics currently have 8 players under contract for next season and a draft on Thursday where they hold 3 first round picks. There’s no telling what Danny has up his sleeves but he’ll need to pull a rabbit out of a hat to patch up the wound that the departures of Irving and Horford will leave.

What is so frustrating about this disaster that has transpired is that they did it all right. I won’t take any Danny Ainge slander here because if you went back in time these were the right moves 10 times out of 10.

They traded away their stars and got maximum value before it was too late. They then drafted well, didn’t sign any crazy contracts, made smart deals, and pounced at the right time in free agency. While it’s not his finest hour at the moment, Brad Stevens appeared to be the man that would lead this team to the promise land after coaching up underdogs in the past. This team appeared to be the team that would take them there as well.

This “Kyrie-Era” (era is strong, I know, but i had to describe it in some way) will go down in total uncertainty. Gordon Hayward suffered a catastrophic injury 5 minutes into his Celtics career and missed his entire first season in green. Kyrie Irving missed an entire playoff run with a season-ending knee injury and then came in too strong to start the next season. Guys like Tatum, Brown, and Rozier were all seemingly being set aside for a bunch of guys who had nothing to do with what they accomplished on the big stage. It just never had the chance to work out and it’s a real shame. Nothing went right and it’s hard to not look back and think “what could have been” about this team…

What could have been.


PS: I’ve already convinced myself that I’m in on the JaySmarf-Era. Give ’em hell, fellas.

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