Buyout Candidates For The Celtics

The Celtics stood pat at the trade deadline and decided that no moves needed to be made. While they didn't make a move in terms of a trade, the buyout market is somewhere the Celtics are expected to be players in. This team has a surplus of guard/wing players but they're a bit thin up... Continue Reading →

The State Of The Green

After a lot of chatter regarding the Celtics season being "over", I thought now would be a good time to go over the current state of the Boston Celtics. Record: 35-21 Position in the East: 5th Offensive Rating: 111.7 (9th) Defensive Rating: 105.5 (5th) Net Rating: 6.2 (3rd) Remaining Strength Of Schedule: 0.529 (5th) Toughest... Continue Reading →

“A Source Close To The Celtics”

After thinking the cesspool of AD, LeBron, and Rich Paul related news was on the downswing (silly me), another bit of news came out buried at the end of a Bleacher Report article. The exact quote is below: Via Bleacher Report "a source close to the CelticsĀ confirmed that Kyrie Irving is genuinely interested in reuniting... Continue Reading →

Vs Memphis 1/18: Marcus Smart>Steph Curry

FINAL: Boston: 122 Memphis: 116 After a thriller Wednesday night at TD Garden it was going to be interesting to see how the Celtics performed last night. This season has basically been them looking like world beaters against good teams and then falling flat on their faces against bad teams. It's very backwards and I'm... Continue Reading →

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