At Atlanta 1/19: Progress

FINAL: Boston: 113 Atlanta: 105 So over this season we've been saying how the Celtics look fragile, they crumble easily, and that they needed some toughness. Marcus Smart I guess heard that and while a few tough rebounds was all we really were asking for, he went a different avenue to light a fire. If... Continue Reading →

Vs Toronto 1/16: Uncle Drew Strikes Again

Entering last night, the Celtics were coming off of their most disappointing loss of the season Monday in Brooklyn. They were also coming off of a week that was more focused on off the court nonsense rather than what was actually happening on the hardwood. There's been so much talk about what is wrong with... Continue Reading →

At Brooklyn 1/14: An Atrocity

FINAL: Brooklyn: 109 Boston: 102 Do you want to know how you nuke your chances of winning a game? That would be by giving up 44 points in the third quarter, and allowing your opposition to go on a 29-7 run in 7 minutes of play. That is exactly what the Celtics did tonight and... Continue Reading →

At Orlando 1/12: Ugly, Ugly Stuff

FINAL: Orlando: 105 Boston: 103 I kind of put my foot in my mouth on Wednesday night when I declared that the Celtics were back. That's on me, and I've come to realize that with this team we can't get caught up in the highs and lows because they're just wildly inconsistent. As I said... Continue Reading →

Quick Hits: A Bunch Of Hulla-Balloo About Nothing

Today both Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown discussed their bench altercation (altercation is a strong word for it) with the media. For a quick refresher, heres the video from Thursday night in Miami. That happened, the Celtics lost, and then subsequently everyone lost their collective mind's. Everyone started barking about how the Celtics are... Continue Reading →

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