Give Luka Rookie of the Year Now

Last night he went 10-23 with 27 points and 8 boards. Among rookies he's first in points per game, third in rebounds, and second in assists. I can't really remember the last time a European player came to the league and was as advertised. Kristaps gets a pass until he figures out how to get... Continue Reading →

Luka Doncic is Good at Basketball

That's about it. He is very good at professional basketball on this continent and also every other one as well. A step back three late in a close game, no big deal. If things continue as they are now, he is going to waltz into Rookie of the Year glory. At 18 points 6 boards... Continue Reading →

I Have Luka Fever

After a dominant 128-108 pummeling of the struggling Rockets on the road, the Mavericks are rolling. They are 8-2 in their last 10 games and have been playing some truly inspired basketball. Look at the competition they’ve been facing as well; these teams are no joke. 7 games against playoff teams from last season and... Continue Reading →

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