Good Lord Kawhi is an Animal

I am an idiot. A fool's fool. A dummy. A dang imbecile. I was in the "only trade for Kawhi if he resigns!!!" camp, and Toronto did the opposite of that and is running the East. He has wasted no time launching himself back into his third best player in the universe role. He has... Continue Reading →

More Fultz Issues

After Woj released a report on Markelle Fultz, the collective NBA world has all went into collective hysteria with takes on the matter. I’m most certainly not a doctor, so bear with me. Basically, what I’ve gathered is his case of TOS has caused his abnormal jumpshot. It all makes sense as there has been... Continue Reading →

How is Fultz Not A Cav Yet?

Update: The Cavs stink. Another update: Markelle Fultz wants a trade. Another  another update: Cleveland players, namely JR Smith, want out. Everyone caught up? Alright, cool. This deal is almost too easy to be honest. One team is an Eastern Conference contender that needs dead eye shooters, and one team stinks and has two three... Continue Reading →

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