Meet Pascal Siakam: The NBA’s Coolest Cucumber

Most people that follow the NBA know of Pascal Siakam, but they're still relatively unfamiliar with with his work as a whole. He's a mystery man, dubbed "Spicy-P", who completely overhauled his game and is a frontrunner for the NBA's Most Improved Player award. Apparently, after dropping 32 points on 14-17 shooting in his first... Continue Reading →

Vs Toronto 1/16: Uncle Drew Strikes Again

Entering last night, the Celtics were coming off of their most disappointing loss of the season Monday in Brooklyn. They were also coming off of a week that was more focused on off the court nonsense rather than what was actually happening on the hardwood. There's been so much talk about what is wrong with... Continue Reading →

Booing Kawhi Leonard is Stupid

Last night Kawhi Leonard returned to San Antonio in the Raptors red and black, and was booed. I'm not really surprised about it, the break up between the Spurs and Kawhi was ugly. For those of you who live under a rock I'll give you the quick version of the whole ordeal; Kawhi felt he... Continue Reading →

Good Lord Kawhi is an Animal

I am an idiot. A fool's fool. A dummy. A dang imbecile. I was in the "only trade for Kawhi if he resigns!!!" camp, and Toronto did the opposite of that and is running the East. He has wasted no time launching himself back into his third best player in the universe role. He has... Continue Reading →

Early Most Improved Player Candidates

To continue our journey through the awards, we now delve into the Most Improved Player and who is at the top of that leaderboard today. 5. JaVale McGee, Center, Los Angeles Lakers 12.1 ppg 6.4 rpg 1.0 apg 0.9 spg 2.7 bpg shooting 62.5/25/68.3  McGee has seemed to reinvent himself in LA and I give... Continue Reading →

Just Get A Win Tonight Please.

I come to you LIVE from 36,000 feet in the air this morning (@JetBlue, I couldn't be any more in on FlyFi). So, as you may know the Celtics take the court tonight against the Toronto Raptors who sit at 12-3 perched atop the Eastern Conference. While you can’t exactly call a game on November... Continue Reading →

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