At Atlanta 1/19: Progress

FINAL: Boston: 113 Atlanta: 105 So over this season we've been saying how the Celtics look fragile, they crumble easily, and that they needed some toughness. Marcus Smart I guess heard that and while a few tough rebounds was all we really were asking for, he went a different avenue to light a fire. If... Continue Reading →

Vs Utah 11/17: No Toughness

Looking to piggyback off of a mollywopping of the Bulls and a huge win against Toronto, the green welcomed Utah to The Garden last night. The last time these two met was on the road trip we wont mention on this site ever again, which resulted in a 123-115 Jazz win. However since then the... Continue Reading →

Someone Needed To Say It

Marcus Smart came into the locker room and put the team on blast after their loss Sunday night in Portland and I am here for that. A player needed to yell at this team and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Marcus Smart to do so. He’s the longest tenured Celtic and nobody knows... Continue Reading →

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